Why you need to recycle batteries

Just because a battery is no use to you anymore, doesn’t mean that it’s meant for the rubbish bin…

Looking around, you are guaranteed to spot something – in fact, a lot of things – that are run by batteries. We’re not just talking about the cylindrical types you put in your remote control, but the numerous others too.

Why you should recycle

Rechargeable and disposable batteries are made from important resources and chemicals, including lead, nickel, zinc and mercury, and it’s because of these materials that all batteries should be recycled.

By putting your used batteries in the rubbish bin, they will be sent to where all the other rubbish is taken: incinerators or landfill sites. However, batteries aren’t like every other piece of rubbish because of what they are made of.

Once the battery case corrodes, there is a risk that the battery’s chemicals will seep into the ground or be released into the air which will add to water, air and soil pollution.

Getting rid of your batteries

When you recycle your batteries efficiently, you are allowing them to be taken apart so its materials can be recovered and re-used to create new batteries or something else.

Recycling and re-using are the most environmentally-friendly way to fuel our earth’s needs – we save so much energy by doing so, as well as so many natural resources. Not to mention the fact that recycling properly will save a lot of space in landfill sites, reducing the need for more land to be taken up with them.

This means that by simply recycling your batteries, you can make a real difference. By keeping unwanted batteries aside for your household collection service or by taking them to a collection point, you are helping to reduce waste and pollution around us.

You can make the difference, and it doesn’t take much!