What to do with unwanted or broken electronics

We’ve all been there – whether it’s unwanted Christmas presents, devices that have just gone way past their best, or gadgets that have had the unfortunate fate of falling to the floor or down the loo, sometimes, sometimes we need to get rid of electronics.

It never feels right just putting them in the bin, does it? And that’s because it’s not right. There are plenty of other things that you should be doing with your unwanted or broken electronics, and none of them involve the average kitchen bin.

Why you should never throw it away

By chucking your old iPhone in the bin or leaving your old plasma TV next to your rubbish bins may be the quickest way to get the unwanted electronics out of your house, but it’s not exactly environment-friendly. Electronics like these are usually made up of heavy metals, along with wires and cables that generally should not find its way into your rubbish bin.

The contents of that rubbish bin is taken to a landfill site; a place where heavy metals and wires are not welcome. Not only are electronics like these taking up unnecessary space in landfill sites, but they can also be toxic to the environment as they are exposed to the air, soil and drinking water. This can be dangerous to both human and animal health.

By getting rid of unwanted electronics properly, you can avoid any health issues, as well as help to conserve natural resources, energy, and money.

So, what should you do with those unwanted or broken electronics instead?

What to do instead

Donate: Just because it’s not the latest version of Android phone or piece of technology doesn’t mean that it isn’t useful anymore. Donate your old tech to charity or to those that are in need and can’t afford their own versions. For example, Get Well Games is a charity that takes donated video games and consoles to hospitals across the UK.

Repair: If the electronic goods in question are broken, why not get them repaired? Even if you aren’t interested in having them fixed for yourself, getting them in working order could make a difference to someone else. Giving your old tech new owners means you can make sure things don’t go to waste.

Sell: If your tech is in reasonably good condition or if you’ve looked into getting it repaired, why not sell it on? Websites like eBay are great for selling on second-hand goods, especially items like old phones and televisions. It’s a responsible way of getting rid of your old electronics, and will make you a bit of money too.

Recycle: There are a number of companies and places which can help you to get rid of your old technology in the best way possible. Don’t forget to erase your data before recycling anything to avoid any security issues.

Recycle with A Plus Skips

At A Plus, we offer a full waste management service, including the disposal of electrical and electronic equipment that you no longer want. Whether that is because the items are broken or just not used anymore, our service will make sure that they are disposed of properly and responsibly, and in a way that is best for the environment.

If you’d like to find out more about this service, or any of our other waste management services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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