How To Get The Most Out Of Your Skip

A common problem with hiring out a skip is that people do not know exactly what you can put in them and how much they can actually carry. Being able to efficiently use your skip is not only a positive for you but for the environment as well. You get to maximise the carrying potential of the skip by putting the right things in it and the environment doesn’t suffer from pollution due to people putting the wrong things in the skip. We have created this post to help you unitise your skip to its maximum potential.

Before hiring a skip you need to be realistic in your calculations, it is important to know how to get the best out of it so you don’t have to hire another one and incur extra charges. Make sure that you get one that is big enough to rid you of your intended waste with room for extra space just in case.

The first thing to remember is to segregate your waste. The mistake most people make is to just add on anything and everything, the trick is to pile everything up in layers. First debris, start by filling the skip with lighter and smaller debris as this helps compact the smaller items once you start adding bigger and heavier items in. Bulky items should also be broken down into smaller parts if possible; this allows you to get the most out of the space available.

Lastly, make sure that you do not over-fill the skip, doing so might cause health and safety concerns like endangering road users or yourself during transportation. If you skip is overfilled you run the risk of the driver not collecting it until it has been reorganised, if this happens you might be required to pay additional charges and it will also waste your time.

It is also worth remembering that if you have a range of different materials to throw away you might need to arrange for a skip that allows for mixed materials.

Some safety tips to remember – Keep kids and pets away from the skip area, keep a clear path to the skip to avoid tripping over while moving around, do not try to lift heavy objects alone and lastly you should protect yourself from the dust that might arise from the skip with any type of dust mask.

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