What to do with unwanted or broken electronics

We’ve all been there – whether it’s unwanted Christmas presents, devices that have just gone way past their best, or gadgets that have had the unfortunate fate of falling to the floor or down the loo, sometimes, sometimes we need to get rid of electronics.

It never feels right just putting them in the bin, does it? And that’s because it’s not right. There are plenty of other things that you should be doing with your unwanted or broken electronics, and none of them involve the average kitchen bin. Continue reading

How to safely dispose of hazardous household waste

What types of waste are hazardous?

Do you know what types of household waste are hazardous? You might be handling items which could potentially harm your health or the environment without realising.

It is highly important that hazardous items are disposed of correctly to prevent this, so below we outline things to consider when disposing of hazardous household waste. Continue reading

How Should You Deal with Unwanted Gifts This Year?

Whether it’s a Christmas-themed onesie, a singing tie or an egg whisk, every year sees us all feeling the dread and guilt that accompanies unwanted gifts. We all end up writing thank you letters for these gifts, even though we want nothing more than for them to disappear, because the giver didn’t really have to buy you anything. That being said, you can start thinking of ways to get rid of unwanted gifts almost immediately. Continue reading

Surprising Things to Find in Landfill Sites

At A Plus Skips, we’re all too familiar with landfill sites. Usually you can expect the typical household waste, but more often than you’d think, weird and wonderful items can be found. We’ve compiled a list of some strange things that have been found at landfill sites. Some of these items could’ve bought their old owners lots of money, if they’d been sold. Continue reading

Easy Ways to Reduce Waste This Christmas

Christmas is a magical time of year, where we get together with our families, indulge in great food, and give each other plenty of gifts and cards. All this leads to extra waste that we need to clear the house of before New Years’ celebration. At least 60% of your Christmas waste will be recyclable, and by following these tips, you can help the planet in the season of goodwill to all men. Continue reading