Why is recycling important?

We hear everyday just how important recycling is.

But why?

The world’s population is growing, and quickly. Every one human that’s added to the planet increases the amount of waste that we produce. Not a good thing for environment.

But what’s most frustrating is that in most western countries it is possible to make a difference.


What is recycling?

Simply put – recycling involves turning used materials back into something that can be used again, rather than have them sit on a rubbish pile waiting to be destroyed. More often than not, a recyclable material will be converted back into its raw form, and then made into something else.

Natural resources on our planet are not limitless, so it’s important that we reuse products and materials where we can.

What materials can I recycle?

Unfortunately, not all materials can be recycled. At home you probably have more than just one bin. Each one is meant for a certain material, so that it can go either to the correct recycling facility, or straight to a landfill.

Recyclable materials and products are often labelled as so. Just make sure you check the packaging and you should be able to figure out whether you can or can’t recycle it.

Make an effort to find recycled products

While it’s a good idea to buy packaging and products that can be recycled, you should also try and buy items that have already been through the recycling process. There are more and more products on the market that have been created using recyclable methods. Governments are actively pushing companies to use environmentally friendly techniques, so expect to see a lot more items made this way.

Why is it important?

This question is asked so often, and unfortunately, there never seems to be a straightforward answer. That’s because it’s important for so many reasons!

Rubbish makes pollution. Pollution is bad for our environment. That’s the number one reason, and it’s a pretty good one! Burning all that trash creates a huge carbon footprint, which in turn damages the world we live in.

It creates jobs. Recycling plants need man power. The logistics involved in processing waste in an environmentally friendly way are so much harder than just burning it.

You pay for the waste you create. Landfill sites are taxed, so the more and more we rely on them, the more and more it’s going to cost a tax payer. Recycle more, the fewer landfill sites we’ll need!

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