A Plus can supply and service a range of bins from 1100ltr capacity to 240ltr. We operate a specific dedicated collection facility which means you are offered an efficient and reliable service with the benefit of on-site compaction. Our transport team can offer the dependability of scheduled daily collections on specified days.

These bins are ideal for smaller companies or trading units, and are also suitable for industrial units or individual locations within large factories to store the landfill material segregated from the main waste production. All bins provided are compact and on wheels so are easy to move around. They can also be provided with a lockable facility to safely store the waste and prevent hazards such as scavenging and fire.

The service is generally suited for dealing with more difficult waste streams such as food and wet waste for landfill, however A Plus can offer the benefit of utilising them for dry and mixed recyclable waste also which will be processed for recycling. All material is lifted and transported in compliance with all current legislation.