Q: How do I pay for my Skip?

A: The preferred method of payment is by Credit/Debit Card over the phone to our Customer Services Team. We have a secure payment system and details are not stored, nor are they visible to our staff once information is entered & payment is processed.  If booking online there is an option to pay there and then through our secure online payment portal. Skips can be dropped for cash payment but customers must be there to pay the driver as NO SKIP shall be dropped without payment unless customer has an account

***All customers whose deliveries are planned on our drivers 1st runs will receive a call the evening before delivery is due to confirm payment method for early delivery***

Q: Can I pay for my skip on collection?

A: No, all skips must be paid for on delivery. No skip will be dropped without payment

Q: Can I have my skip dropped early in the morning?

A: We do not do timed deliveries, however, we do our best to meet every customers request and will do our best to accommodate each one received

Q: What areas do you cover? 

A: All Dublin areas, please click on Area’s for full listings.We also service some areas in Co.Meath  and some areas of Co. Kildare. Please ring 01 408 10 20 for details

Q: What size skip do I need? 

A: We have skips to cover all needs from 2.5cy mini skips to 40cy tonne roll-on skips. We can advise you on your skip selection

Q: Where can I have my skip dropped? 

A: You can have it dropped anywhere you choose on your property. This includes your driveway, garden or building site. Skips can also be placed outside your property if needed

***Please inform us if you have a narrow drive way or lane, you might need a small lorry***

Q: Do I need permission from the Council to put a skip on the road? 

A: In certain areas you may require a permit where permit parking, pay & display or loading bay regulations apply. We can advise you on this should you require

Q: Are there any restrictions on what I can put into a skip? 

A: Yes. You cannot use a skip to dispose of asbestos, fridge/freezers, car batteries, tyres, gas cylinders, paint tins (empty or full), food waste, fluorescent tubes or liquids. Please call a member of staff if you have any further queries

Q: How full can I load the skip? 

A: Strictly Level Load! Overloaded skips will not be collected and a service charge may apply

Q: How long can I keep the skip? 

A: The Hire period is 14 for days or, when the skip is ready for collection, the customer simply rings us to let us know it is ready to be collected. In this case, depending on how busy we are, it may take 2-4 working days before we get to collect it. During busier periods it may take longer. Thank you for your understanding!

Please note:  Skips that are onsite for over two weeks and are not rang in for collection, may be lifted even if we didn’t get you on the phone to agree any different. First we will ring you to check and if we don’t get an answer to the call, the skip will go on the collection list straight away

Q: How do I book a skip? 

A: Either order securely through this website or call  lo-call 1890 401020

Q: What happens to my waste after it is taken away in a skip? 

A: The waste will be taken to our purpose built waste transfer facility A Plus Waste Management where all waste is segregated for recycling